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Havit H655BT Pro Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Headphone

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Havit H655BT Pro Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Headphone


The Havit H655BT Pro Hybrid ANC Bluetooth Headphones are the ideal companion for superb music experiences. These headphones are sleek and stylish and combine the newest technology with the most comfortable fit possible for long listening periods. With its USB-C connectivity, the H655BT Pro makes it simple and quick to charge, allowing you to spend less time plugged in and more time enjoying your favorite podcasts or music. With the most recent wireless version, V5.3, you may take advantage of seamless connectivity and increased range for uninterrupted audio streaming. These headphones can last up to 80 hours at 60% volume thanks to their powerful 700mAh battery so that they can keep up with your longest playlists. You may enjoy an amazing 48 hours of playback at 60% volume even with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) turned on. This feature lets you retreat into your world without interruptions. It just takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge your headphones, so you can resume listening with as little downtime as possible. Large 40mm speakers on the H655BT Pro generate rich, powerful sound across a broad frequency range of 20Hz to 40kHz, accurately reproducing every aspect of your music. With Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology, you can experience calm in any setting by successfully reducing background noise and focusing on what matters—your music. Your audio experience will be enhanced beyond belief with the Havit H655BT Pro Hybrid ANC Bluetooth Headphones, whether working, commuting, or just lounging at home.

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