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ASUS ROG THOR 1600T 1600W 80Plus Titanium Full Modular Power Supply

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ASUS ROG THOR 1600T 1600W 80Plus Titanium Full Modular Power Supply


The ASUS ROG THOR 1600T is a high-performance power supply designed for extreme gaming and computing setups. It is equipped with top-of-the-line features and premium components to deliver maximum power efficiency, superior cooling, and reduced noise levels. To achieve the prestigious 80 Plus Titanium Certification, the power supply is constructed with 100% Japanese capacitors and other high-quality components. This ensures exceptional power efficiency and reliability, making it an ideal choice for power-hungry systems. The ROG THOR 1600T is its ROG heatsinks, which cover critical components and contribute to lower temperatures. By effectively dissipating heat, these heatsinks not only enhance the power supply's performance but also help to minimize operational noise. The power supply is equipped with a 135mm Axial-tech fan that features PWM control. This advanced cooling system not only delivers effective heat dissipation but also operates at reduced noise levels. The fan adjusts its speed according to the thermal demands, keeping the system cool without creating unnecessary noise. The ASUS ROG THOR 1600T is its OLED display, which provides real-time monitoring of power draw. This allows users to keep track of power consumption and ensure that their system is running optimally. The power supply incorporates Gallium nitride (GaN) MOSFETs, which offer improved efficiency and lower switching losses compared to traditional silicon transistors. This enables the ROG THOR 1600T to deliver massive amounts of current while minimizing wasteful energy consumption. To ensure precise control and rapid response to load changes, a digital controller is integrated into the power supply, enabling lightning-fast adjustments to the GaN power array. The PWM-controlled Axial-tech fan is designed to optimize airflow, allowing it to move 21% more air compared to conventional fans. This results in efficient cooling for critical components, even at lower fan speeds. Additionally, when the PSU load is below 50%, the fan automatically shuts off, further reducing noise levels during low-demand scenarios. The ASUS ROG THOR 1600T 1600W 80Plus Titanium Full Modular Power Supply is a top-of-the-line choice for enthusiasts and gamers who demand exceptional performance, efficient power delivery, effective cooling, and reduced noise levels. With its premium components, advanced features, and thoughtful design, it stands as a powerful solution for high-end rigs that require nothing short of the best.

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