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Acer KA222Q H 21.5" 100Hz AMD FreeSync Full HD Monitor

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Acer KA222Q H 21.5" 100Hz AMD FreeSync Full HD Monitor


The Acer KA222Q H is a high-quality 21.5-inch monitor designed for a smooth and immersive visual experience. With its Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, it delivers crisp and detailed images, making it ideal for gaming, multimedia, and everyday computing tasks. The monitor features a VA (Vertical Alignment) display panel, which offers wide viewing angles and excellent color reproduction, ensuring that images appear vibrant and lifelike from various perspectives. The 100Hz refresh rate provides a smoother viewing experience, reducing motion blur and making fast-paced action scenes in movies or games more fluid. Thanks to its 1 ms response time, the Acer KA222Q H excels in reducing ghosting and motion artifacts, allowing for seamless transitions and sharper visuals, particularly in fast-moving scenes. This makes it a fantastic choice for gamers who require quick reactions and smooth gameplay. Connectivity options on the Acer KA222Q H include a VGA and an HDMI port, enabling you to connect various devices such as computers, laptops, gaming consoles, and media players. The VGA port allows for analog connections, while the HDMI port supports digital connections, providing flexibility and compatibility with different devices. Notable features of the Acer KA222Q H include AMD FreeSync technology, which synchronizes the monitor's refresh rate with the graphics card's output, eliminating screen tearing and stuttering, resulting in a seamless and tear-free gaming experience. The monitor also incorporates Low Blue Light technology, which reduces the amount of harmful blue light emitted by the screen, minimizing eye strain and fatigue during extended use. The ZeroFrame design of the Acer KA222Q H ensures a sleek and modern appearance, with ultra-thin bezels that maximize the screen real estate and facilitate multi-monitor setups for an immersive viewing experience. The Acer KA222Q H 21.5" monitor offers a Full HD resolution, a VA display with wide viewing angles, a 100Hz refresh rate, and a 1 ms response time. With its AMD FreeSync technology, Low Blue Light feature, and ZeroFrame design, it provides a smooth, comfortable, and visually stunning experience for both gaming and general multimedia usage.

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